How to Throw a Bulldog-Style Yoga Party

Party on, bulldoggers.

Yoga is healthy and fun and good for the soul, but we like to think that one of the best perks is that it can be social. There are few things we love more than grabbing some friends for a class, but there’s one thing we probably could love even more than that… and it’s throwing a yoga party.

If a yoga party is new to you, then it looks like we’ve just made it a thing! We want everyone to be hosting and attending them. Seriously, could you put two more wonderful words together?

Check out these six ideas for hosting the best-ever yoga bash — with a bulldog spin, of course. Don’t forget to invite us!

1. Shake up the guest list. Obviously, you need all of your BFFs in attendance, but why stop there? Invite your pals to bring their pets (remember dog yoga?). Extend an invitation to  that neighbor who seems cool but you haven’t spent a lot of time with, or to that person you keep running into at the grocery store who’s always wearing athleisure. A yoga party is for everyone!

2. Get it streamin’. We’re not suggesting that your yoga party has to be super structured, but if you do want to give your guests the full bulldog experience outside of the studio, allow us to remind you that you can access classes online! Hook your go-to device up to your biggest screen so everyone can see and start flowing. You’ll wonder if your party has magically teleported itself straight to Villanova or Boulder.

3. Make it a give-back opp. We bulldoggers are big fans of giving back to the community. Bring that philosophy to your yoga party by asking guests to show up with a donation in hand. Make it bulldog by inviting them to contribute pet food or toys to be given to a local animal shelter.

4. Toss in a dance party. In our studio spaces — and, well, in our lives generally — if we’re not moving our bodies on the yoga mat, we’re moving them to some good music. You and your guests can loosen up before you hit the mat by cranking up the volume on one of our many playlists or going for a dance break at the end of the party. Actually, why not dance all the way through?

5. Get boozy. No one ever said you couldn’t drink and down dog at the same event. Mix up a big batch cocktail — try Strawberry Wine Punch or Blueberry Lavender Vodka Spritzer or Frozen Margarita Frosties from this list of yummy-sounding recipes  — and get the party going from there.

6. Serve your favorite treats. Some yogis might stick exclusively to wheatgrass shots, green smoothies, and protein bowls, but we like to keep things interesting with a little more variety. Also… aren’t we trying to have a party here? Swap out a salad bar for an ice cream sundae bar and serve up burgers (with buns!).

What else would you do to throw a perfect bulldog-style party? Tell us on Facebook + Twitter!

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