Bulldog Leaders Spill the Details of Their Favorite Summer Cocktails

Cheers to the best summer yet!

We would never say that you need to have a drink to have a good time, but if you’re someone who enjoys an adult refreshment every now and then, you know that having a sip or five can add a fun twist to whatever good time you’re already experiencing. And in the heat of the toasty summertime, a cold drink is that much more refreshing.

We surveyed the class leaders from our Boulder and Villanova studios (you might even recognize some of them from bulldog online!) to find out what you can find them sippin’ on in the heat of summer. Hopefully, their bevvies of choice will inspire you to switch up your refreshment game next time you want to mix yourself a cocktail or host friends for a summer gathering!

“If I’m not having red wine, you’ll find a margarita in my hand! Margaritas are the best because they are simple and rarely disappoint. I especially love them because you can always find one on the happy hour menu! My number-one margarita-making tip would be to cover the rim of the glass with sugar if you’re feelin’ sweet. You can also muddle some jalapeño in the bottom if you’re feelin’ spicy!” Sarah Woodward

“Frankly, my favorite summer cocktail is an ice cold beer! Negra Modelo is my favorite, but sometimes I get festive and order a sour for summer — just like sunshine!” — Jaden Ahrens 

“I like a coconut blueberry mojito with plenty of mint leaves. The more mint, the better! It’s such a refreshing drink.” — Jen Ranoia

“My favorite cocktail is a watermelon-tini. They’re easy to make! It’s one part vodka, tequila, or rum with two parts watermelon juice. You can add lime, mint, or both, serve it with crushed ice or straight up, or add a splash of carbonated water. It’s my favorite because if I’m out of vodka, I can make it with another favorite liquor!” — Linda Shikitino

“My favorite summer cocktail would be a Caipirinha. Drinking one of these takes me to a beach somewhere in my head.” — Ashton O’Neal 

“I keep it pretty simple with Bombay Sapphire and tonic with extra lime or tequila straight-up with lime or a slice of grapefruit.” — Michelle Baldino

“You can’t go wrong with a good Moscow Mule! I like to add a little mint for a summer twist.” — Ashly Koppels

“I love silver tequila with a few splashes of grapefruit juice and lime. It tastes so good! I love that tequila comes from a plant, so it is probably one of the healthiest alcohols to drink if you want to compare. You can add club soda or Pellegrino if you don’t want it too strong!” — Christine Mullen

“My fave is sparkling rosé! It’s super refreshing on a hot summer day, and I like to drink it chilled in a big glass.” — Daria Johnston 

“Mojito, mojito, mojito! Hold the sugar or simple syrup and give it to me with some fresh mint and the tartness that you get when you don’t add extra sugar. Rosé cocktails can also be really fun. I like this recipe for a Smashed Berry Rosé Spritz from Half Baked Harvest.” — Brittany Hackman

“I like to stay away from added sugar, so I go for a mix of silver tequila, club soda, fresh muddled lime, and mint. You can try this combo with any of your favorite alcohols — I like it with bourbon, too! Minimizing added sugar in the summer months is good for your body, mind, and yoga practice.” — Patty Smith

“My favorite summer cocktail is the Paloma. It has tequila and grapefruit juice and is super refreshing. Sometimes, I add a little mint.” — Andrea Soto-Innes

“In the summer, I like to drink Casamigos tequila with club soda and lots of fresh lime. It’s like a margarita, but not too sweet!” — Tessa Jenkins 

“My fave summer cocktail is definitely the Moscow Mule. Vodka is so light, and the ginger beer plus the citrus from the lime is so good on a hot summer day. I also love swapping out the vodka for tequila to make it a little sassier.” — Taylor Johnson

“I can’t say I have a single favorite summer cocktail, but I love blackberry mojitos! They’re fun, delicious, and go down way too easy. In addition to muddling the mint, it’s important to muddle the blackberries so you get the full flavor. Add the whole blackberries on top for garnish.” — Haley Halteman 

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Featured image: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash; Margarita image: Brianna Santellan/Unsplash; Watermelon image: 煜翔 肖/Unsplash ; Moscow Mule image: Miguel Maldonado/Unsplash; Mojito image: Alex Block/Unsplash; Paloma image: Christine Trant/Unsplash  

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