Leader Spotlight: Susie Warner

Meet our Susie Sunshine.

We’re back (back again) with an intro to another one of bulldog’s rockin’ class leaders. This month, we’re featuring Susie Warner. She’s a ray of sunshine for the rest of the bulldog fam, and (luckily) she seems to like hanging out with us, too. “Being in the studio is kind of like taking a pause from ‘the real world,’ where I can enjoy being myself and doing what I love most,” she says.

Read on to learn more about what activates, invigorates + exhilarates Susie!


What activates me: My love of learning and knowledge is a huge part of who I am. I studied psychology and early childhood education at Immaculata University and spent three years teaching Pre-K. During that time, I started to rely on my yoga practice to keep my mind and body balanced. Eventually, I enrolled in a 200-hour yoga teacher training, and after one summer of teaching yoga, I decided to transition from teaching children to teaching yoga full-time. If I’m not physically on my mat learning something about my own practice, I am deep in the pages of a yoga book, finding out more about the science behind it. Whether I’m learning something new myself or guiding someone else in their practice, what truly activates me is knowledge. Passing that knowledge along — or absorbing it for the first time myself — is a beautiful thing.


What invigorates me: Every time I practice yoga, I feel invigorated for myself and for others. Getting on the mat every day is crucial for me — not just because of the physical and mental benefits, but also because being a student is the most important part of being a teacher. When I’m in the middle of a balance sequence and can feel my ankle shaking, I know to breathe through it, lift my arch, and engage my core. I then use this information when I’m leading my own class. My mind goes back to being on the mat myself, and I feel what the guests are feeling. I can give them the tools they need to get stronger in each pose.


What exhilarates me: Music is exhilarating. It evokes memories and physical sensations. When I’m in the unique bulldog atmosphere, I hear the beat of the music and I know that I am doing something good for myself, whether I’m practicing or leading. The classes at bulldog are designed to follow the playlist’s beat, and by listening to the music as a class flows on, we are all becoming one with the music. Our experience is filled with light, energy, and positivity, which  is so important for real happiness. When I open up to music, I feel the most alive.

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Check out our class schedule to find out when you can practice with Susie in the studio next!

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