Feel the Sun Upon Your Back

Long live the sunshine.

We bulldoggers are always in search of a little extra inspiration, but we prefer it when it’s served with a side of funky and a touch of the unexpected — and please, PLEASE hold the overly dramatic, preachy, or philosophical. If you haven’t noticed by now, we also have a thing for encouraging words written in chalk (wait, is that weird?), so when we spot colorful, chalky graffiti just about anywhere, we have to take a pause and find out if it’s dishing out any life-changing wisdom. (We’ve learned our lesson — sometimes, it’s just advertising a cheap lunch special.)

Check out this message, which we found while wandering the streets of London. There’s so much thoughtful language — and impressive handwriting — that we couldn’t fit it all in one photo.

Now that we’ve gotten our first tantalizing taste of spring weather here at the studio (come back!), you can bet that we’re feeling that sweet, sweet sun upon our backs, faces, and everything else.

But this little bit of sidewalk wisdom is a good reminder for us to take that sunshine and do something with it: pat ourselves on the back, take a pause in the state of crazy in which we live our lives, do a little mental reset, read a good book or magazine (because — let’s be honest — poems aren’t for everyone), and generally find a break in the schedule where we can get to a mental state that feels just plain good. In the words of someone very wise, “treat yo’ self.” Guess what? You’ve earned it.

Next time you feel that sun, don’t just rush inside to grab the sunscreen (obviously, we would very much encourage you to do that, too). Take it as your cue to congratulate yourself for whatever job you’ve done well today and to reward yourself with even the hottest second of self-care. We hear taking a yoga class is really good for that, too.

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