Yoga Is the Magic Cure for Your Holiday Hangover

Because partying happens.

bulldoggers, we’re officially in the thick of the holiday season. Well into the thick of the holiday season, as a matter of fact. Cue the last-minute shopping madness, the incessant festive music (we know, we know — it was fun after Thanksgiving, but it might be driving you a little crazy by now), the frantic cookie-baking, the jam-packed social calendar, and the general revelry.

Oh — are we missing something?

The booze. We’re missing the booze.

It’s really not our business whether or not you’re naughty or nice this holiday season — or any other time of the year — but we do have a feeling that there are cocktails and toasts making their way into your celebrations, and we can only assume that the morning-after effects (that’s right, people, we’re talking about hangovers) are cutting into your ability to keep up that positive holiday momentum. How can you be expected to weather the crowds at the mall first thing in the morning if you have a pounding headache courtesy of your best buddy champagne?

Here’s a festive reality check, friends: you can’t be expected to weather the crowds at the mall first thing in the morning if you have a pounding headache courtesy of your best buddy champagne. It just doesn’t work. And while you can certainly guzzle a gallon of water or pop a quarter of a bottle of Tylenol or stand in a freezing-cold shower for 45 minutes in an effort to prepare yourself to move into the next portion of your seasonal activities (New Year’s Day, we’re lookin’ at you!), none of those hangover solutions are actually that reliable. You know what is reliable? Yoga!

According to the New York Times Well bloga light yoga routine is quite possibly the very best way to go for someone who’s perhaps been a tad over-served. In situations like this, University of Pennsylvania kidney specialist Dr. Debbie L. Cohen recommends a low-key (by bulldog standards, at least) practice that emphasizes meditation and breathing exercises. While a hot practice room or intense Invigorate class might be just what the doctor ordered on most mornings, you might find that they dehydrate you even further when you’re hungover. Stick to a more restorative flow that includes plenty of salutations and twisting poses. Yoga is well known for its detoxifying properties, so a few minutes on your mat is bound to work out any kinks you racked up the night before and to get the blood flowing in a way that’s going to make you feel like a brand new you.

Integrative medical specialist Dr. Deepa Verma shares a list of 12 specific poses to help cure your hangover on The Daily Meal. Cheers to these suggestions — and to bulldog Boulder leader Andrea Soto-Innes for showing them off!

1. Tree pose, which will help counteract the feelings of light-headedness and vertigo that come with partying a little too hard.

2. Dancer pose, which can help balance the nervous system, boost digestion, and make you feel generally clearer and more vital.

3. Seated half spinal twist pose, which will stretch your spine and stimulate your organs (namely the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen) to release internal toxins.

4. Cat pose, which relieves the spinal tensions that can often antagonize a hangover headache.

5. Cow pose, which relieves stress on body and mind.

6. Standing half forward bend, which will help stretch out your achy, dehydrated muscles. This pose can also regulate blood pressure, which is often unpredictable after a night of drinking.

7. Head to knee pose, which stimulates and cleanses the liver and kidneys, and gives you a good stretch.

8. Child’s pose, which improves blood circulation and promotes strong breathing. Also because it feels amazing.

9. Boat pose, which jumpstarts your metabolism by stimulating your core and helps you get your balance and coordination back on track.

10. Knee to chest pose, which should take the edge off of any post-drinking bloating or nausea.

11. Reclining spinal twist, which encourages blood flow to your digestive system and hydrates your spine.

12. Upward-facing dog pose, which opens your chest and lungs to allow for better air exchange.

(Don’t worry. You can thank us later for saving your holiday season and changing your life entirely.)

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Featured image: Yucatar/Unsplash

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