How Often Should You Do Yoga?

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how often should you do yoga

It’s the start of a new week and you’re reviewing your schedule. When do you have meetings? When do you have to take the kids to soccer practice? Is there time for a date night? Will there be a hot sec in there somewhere for you to indulge in a little self-care? And when are you going to have time to pencil in some workouts? How often should you do yoga in order to feel your best?

If yoga is your exercise of choice (and we obviously think it should be), you probably find yourself wondering:

“How frequently should I be hitting the mat?”

When you’re planning out your life, should you plan to attend one yoga class each week? Three? Six?


Why do most people do yoga?

So why do people even choose to do yoga in the first place? Figuring that out might be a good first step in deciding how often you should do yoga.

Earlier this year, Eventbrite and OnePoll teamed up and surveyed 2,000 Americans to inquire about their yoga habits.




You feel pretty, pretty good when you can say to yourself, “I just got in a full body workout at a yoga studio near me!” And based on this data, you’re not alone. It’s no surprise to use that “releasing tension” and “getting mentally and physically stronger” topped the list of yoga motivations.


Ok, so…. How often should you do yoga?

We know you want to hang out with us in our Boulder studio and Main Line studio, like, all the time, but only hardcore yoga experts should be taking an intense class on a daily basis.

Trust us — you can reach those wellness and yoga goals with fewer sessions than you might expect!

how often should you do yoga

Ideally speaking, a healthy yoga practice includes about three to five classes per week… but we know that might not be doable for you, and that’s okay.

Your life is busy. Your boss and your kids and your pets and your partner all need you, and the demands on your time are seemingly endless. We get it!

Try not to stress about how often you should do yoga. If you’re early in your yoga journey or are simply overwhelmed by your schedule right now, going to one class per week is the perfect way to start. If and when your schedule opens up, you can add another class to the mix each week! You might also feel inspired to ramp up your yoga schedule as your body gets stronger.

We have a feeeeeeling you’re going to get addicted to the yoga vibes, but we encourage you to do whatever makes sense in your life. One class a week is better than none at all! If you can, work your way up to three classes per week.

how often should you do yoga

No matter your schedule, it’s important to prioritize time to let your body rest and recover.

According to the American Council on Exercise:

Rest days are critical for a healthy workout routine so your muscle cells can replace their energy stores to prep for your next sweat sesh.

This downtime also allows your tissues to repair themselves and your circulatory system to move the oxygen around and reduce any soreness that you might be feeling. When trying to decide how often you should do yoga, be sure to factor in those rest days.

Basically, doing yoga just a couple of times per week is going to ensure that your body feels loose and limber enough for regular exercise. After all, if you’re constantly feeling sore, you’re probably going to be less excited about the idea of another session.


How Often Should You Do Yoga

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How frequently are we talking?

You might also be wondering how often you should do yoga more casually. Outside of those more intense sessions three to five times per week in the studio, can you work some yoga moves here and there at home more frequently?

The answer is yes! On your rest days, it might feel good to stretch and loosen up with some of the poses you’ve learned alongside your fellow yoga enthusiasts in class.

Yoga is well-known for improving flexibility, and you don’t have to take an official class to reap those benefits.

Per the Mayo Clinic:

Basic movements from yoga can be a great part of your everyday wellness routine.

Experts there recommend setting time aside for these kinds of gentle exercises at least two or three times per week.

Dabbling in a few yoga moves on your off days — maybe even with some of our most recent music recommendations in the background! — won’t hurt your practice. In fact, adding yoga moves to your off days may actually improve your practice, since you’ll feel stronger and more flexible when you go back to yoga class.

How Often Should You Do Yoga

As you rack up more experience on the mat, you may find yourself changing how often you do yoga.

If you’re pushing yourself with three classes per week on a regular basis, you might occasionally feel inspired to add a fourth or fifth! While we’re big proponents of rest days, you know your body best — and we encourage you to give it what it needs as you try to figure out how often you should do yoga.

There will also be times when you’re feeling a little less motivated and a little less limber than usual. There’s no need to make excuses or try to explain yourself — just take a few more rest days than usual! Again, it’s all about listening to your body.

Ultimately, how often you do yoga is up to you and what feels best to your body. Our recommendation? Start with one session weekly and go from there!

How often do you yoga?

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How Often Should You Do Yoga


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