Lauren Clark

Favorite music:

When I’m bopping around in my house or taking a drive, I’ll put on anything from the ’40s to the ’60s — surf Americana, Ella Fitzgerald, The Ronettes, The Beach Boys, or The Kinks. Other go-to artists include Alt-J, Glass Animals, Lana Del Rey, and Bon Iver.

Why bulldog:

I love to lose myself in a flow, which happens all the time at bulldog! I hear a great song and tune out all of the distractions and just follow my breath and let my body move. I also love that I can go at my own pace, strike a funky pose, or just hang back and rest without feeling any judgment.

Fun fact:

I went to grad school to be a social worker and sex therapist. I love mid-century modern and space-age design and I’ve never eaten milk in my cereal.

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